I've enjoyed taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I loved the idea that I could capture and preserve the intricacies of light and color. I got my first DSLR when I started working for my college newspaper, and it was there that I discovered the power of photography to tell stories. I was hooked. 
After a brief stint as a photojournalist I changed course to pursue Earth science. I turned my lens on the incredible landscapes and far-flung places of the world, telling visual stories for government agencies, non-profits, and companies. I also won a handful of awards for my photography along the way.
Earth is a dynamic place, full of fascinating stories and drama playing out over minutes to millennia. But I missed creating moments and memories for people. So I returned to portrait photography, bringing my photojournalistic tendencies and love of landscapes with me. The result is a style that puts people in the context of their world, exploring uniqueness and how it fits in to something bigger.
When I'm not behind the camera, I can often be found hiking one of the many gorgeous Maine trails with my wife and our dog, trying the clam chowder at a new restaurant, looking at rocks, or playing music.
Oh, and if there's any opportunity to travel, I'll take it.

Photos of me are, perhaps ironically, rare. This one is courtesy of my wife.

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